Snow Report

Last Updated: Fri, 12/19 9:48 am

Opening day is December 20, 2014. The Monarch and Skyline lifts will be open along with the runs served by those lifts. We need 18-24" of more snow to open the steep side. Check our snow report and Facebook page for updates on new terrain opening.
24/hr New Snow @ 6am: 
48/hr New Snow @ 6am: 
Snow Base: 
Total Season Snowfall: 
Today's High: 
Today's Low: 
light and variable
Partly sunny with southern winds.
A chance of snow and cloudy skies are to continue into the weekend with highs around 30 degrees.
Road Conditions
Road Comments: 
please check UDot
Lifts and Runs
Skyline - Double Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Holly's Loop GreenClosed-
Belknap Bow GreenClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Elk Meadows BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Glacier Glade GreenClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Crescent Moon GreenClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Broad Street GreenClosedupper section only, groomed
Maddie's Maze GreenClosed-
Tunnel VisionBlueClosed-
Monarch Triple Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Big Horn GreenClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Cassidy BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Annabel Way BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Quakies BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Hummingbird BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Full Moon BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Hannah's Haze BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Teddy's Twist BlueClosedGroomed, early season conditions
Avery's Alley BlueClosed-
Falling WaterBlueClosed-
Tushar Peaks Surface Lift: 
Symbol Status Comments
Black Diamonds PassGreenClosedGroomed
Symbol Status Comments
ParkorangeOpen8 features
Lookout Quad: 
Symbol Status Comments
Wolverine BlueClosedGroomed
Puffer's Pass BlueClosedGroomed
The Narrows BlueClosedGroomed
Paiute Crossing BlueClosedGroomed
Country Road BlueClosedGroomed
Beaver Tail BlueClosedNot Groomed
Tushar diamond-oneClosedGroomed
Hoodoos diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Whiteout diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Moki Steps diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Anasazi Freefall diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Sharp's Cut diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Vertigo diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Delano Drop diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Satisfaction diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Donner's Descent diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Missing Linc diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Runaway Carterdiamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Canyonside Double Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Miles' Meteor diamond-oneClosedNot Groomed
Subway BowlBlueClosedGroomed
Snow Shuttle: 
Symbol Status Comments
Paiute Shuttle NoneClosedUse the new Tushar Peaks Surface Lift to access western slopes on steep side
Lower Steeps ShuttleNoneClosedLower Donners and Missing Link hike out only, Groomed trail

Call 855-EAGLE-PT (855-324-5378), 435-438-3700 or email info [at] skieaglepoint [dot] com for more information!